Welcome to my Blog

Finally welcome to my blog!  I have found it a little bit tricky to start a blog as I am simply so busy and vary rarely at my desk.  After ten years working as a Personal Stylist, I have seen a lot of changes, I have seen dreams being fulfilled, I have seen love and success found and I have been fortunate enough to inspire many to evolve their personal style. I too have learnt so much on this journey and I would like to share some of my thoughts and experience with you, so this first post is a little about what has inspired my somewhat feminine, eclectic, sometimes grungy and everychanging style.  My love of embellishment started very young and I discovered the transformative effect of clothes and makeup as soon as I could reach my grandmother’s dressing table.  She had what seemed like to me my dream boudoir – with her crystal perfume bottles, jewellery boxes and a vast assortment of eyeshadow, lipstick and rouge!  I can still remember the delightful fragrance of her Cyclax Milk of Roses Moisturiser as I think of her. 

In my teenage years, I was a massive Madonna fan and took to wearing tutus with lace in my hair and today will often still embellish my hair.  In my Nanas bedroom she had a gorgeous picture of ballerina’s and my fascination with all things tulle began to blossom. 

However, as a hairdresser in the mid 80’s (yes, I used to do perms), there was an underlying darkness and moodiness to our dresscode with a staple wardrobe of Zambezi, Ricochet and Doc Martins with the odd tulle petticoat and ripped tights thrown in for good measure.  So, my feminine style took on a slightly darker tone and even though it has evolved and it is now a more relaxed glamour,  it’s interesting that when we think about it, we can often recall the moments or people that have inspired our personal style.  

I would love to know who or what has inspired your look over the years and has it changed significantly? 

Stacey x