Leopard Print Lover

Hi lovelies,

Welcome to my closet – I frequently get asked “Can we please see your closet” and the simple answer is that we don’t have enough time to do this at all once.

So I am breaking my closet up into segments and showing you bit by bit. I have chosen to show you some of my leopard print pieces first as this is such a current print right now and an all time favourite of mine. I have included a couple of media photos here – from way back when my hair was dark – to show you that my love of leopard print is a long standing love affair.

If you have not seen my full IGTV video on the leopard print currently in my closet – feel free to watch it here or you can skip this.

Wearing leopard print can say lots of things about your personal style, at the moment it would say that you are current and fashionable, it can also say quality as it can be seen as a timeless and classic print. On occasion leopard print can also have an exotic look to it and sometimes very sensual as seen in the next couple of images.

Currently it is ideal to wear leopard print a little more casually as the girls in the following images are.

Leopard print can be a wonderful neutral when it blends closely with your skin tone. A leopard print shoe, dress or coat that works well with your skintone can be a great investment and these pieces you will wear time and time again.

Not all leopards print are classed as a neutral – when they are an obvious repeat pattern – that is how they should be worn – as a statement print

Some leopard print has a very elongating effect like these favourite Ganni pieces of mine. You can see that the leopard print is running inside another print that has a vertical lengthening effect. Whenever I wear these pieces people always comment on how tall and slim I look – definitely a print to keep an eye out for.

I love leopard print worn with mauve and hot pink accessories or embellishment. Leopard print looks beautiful with a nude lipstick, but when worn with hot pink it can have some real wow factor.

One of my favourite leopard print pieces coming for Spring/Summer is this gorgeous David Pond dress. Keep an eye out on my Instagram and I will let you know when it is available.

When wearing leopard print be sure to own it – it is best worn with a casual air of confidence.

Have fun dressing up.

Your friend in fashion,