Understanding Lifestyle Dressing

Hi lovelies,

It's such a great idea to have a think about your personal style and how you can keep evolving this - it's very liberating once you understand your personal style.

Tulle and t shirting worn by yours truly

Here I have a little video for you about my personal style - Relaxed Glamour and how you can achieve this look too.


I have often heard it said to create an interesting "Lifestyle Look", that you need to mix a garment from say a boutique with something purchased from more of a chain store. Yes and no, this can work, but you can still end up looking too dressy or too casual - the real key is not where you purchase the pieces from, it's the type of fabrics and silhouettes that you are mixing together.

Here I demonstrate that wearing two dressy fabrics together - create a look that is very smart - and by wearing two casual fabrics together, the look is very casual.

Two luxe fabric garments creates a dressy look, no matter where you purchase them from

Street wear fabric worn together creating a fashionable but casual look

What we are looking for is the combination of streetwear fabrics like cotton, denim, t shirting, merino etc and wearing garments out of these fabrics back with garments made out of more luxe special fabrics like satin, sequin, tulle, lace and fabrics that have some interest and beauty to them.

Here I show you examples of relaxed lifestyle wear - mixing together fabrics to create a high low type of effect that says "Effortless".


These girls are nailing streetwear fabric worn with a more luxe fabric

If you are wearing a singular garment like a jumpsuit or a dress that is a little more special, you can create this lifestyle look by wearing accessories that are more casual.

Using casual accessories to dress down a more special piece

The main thing to remember is that there can be some joy in understanding your style and incorporating some of this into your closet.

Have some fun playing dress up.

Your friend in fashion,

Streetwear jacket with a tulle and embroidery skirt embodies the relaxed glamour look