Is your style stuck?

Falling into a style rut is an accident that can happen to anyone. Same hair, same makeup, same type of clothes - year after year. It’s not something you do on purpose, it just happens. Being in a fashion or beauty rut is a lot like being in a bad romance; you know something needs to change, but it can take time to make the decision to exit. 

Change is good

Stacey’s Rapid Rethink service is designed to pull you straight out of the rut and put you on a path to a new kind of fabulous. Think about that glow you get when you’re in love, except this time the glow is coming from the new relationship you’re having with yourself. Stacey believes that transformation is the ultimate form of self-love and self-care.

An image reinvention lifts your confidence, improves your self-esteem and re-energises your approach to life. It’s something you can do regularly, like every five to ten years, or just when it seems a shake-up is in order. A Rapid Rethink can even help you to cope with big changes in your life or prepare you for a different, more fulfilling life. 

Rapid Rethink can apply to beauty and hair, or beauty, hair and style, depending on the level of service you want. The result is a blue-print for a new you.

The professional approach 

While there might be other ways to attempt an image transformation, like doing it yourself, working with a recognised beauty and fashion industry expert to develop a personalised style plan is the risk-free way to get the results you need. It’s money well-spent that can open the door to new opportunities and help you to achieve some of life’s goals.

After your Rapid Rethink, you’ll be armed with valuable new information that you can action on your own, using your current hairdresser and go-to retailers, or with Stacey’s Beauty Squad and favourite fashion brands.   

One Hour Rapid Rethink - Beauty Blitz

Two Hour Rapid Rethink - Beauty Blitz + Style Update 



  • Hair consultation – cut and colour that’s current and suited to your colouring, hair type, lifestyle and face shape.
  • Beauty consultation –foundation colour and finish, best lip colours for you, eyebrow audit and fixes, eye makeup styling, plus a guide to skincare and beauty treatments that will work for you.

Everything covered in the One Hour Beauty Blitz, plus a complete style consultation that includes: 

  • Identification of your style personality.
  • Best silhouettes for your body type.
  • Best textures, patterns and levels of contrast for you.
  • Best neutrals to build your wardrobe around.
  • How to accessorise.
  • How to build a capsule wardrobe, including colour palette advice.
  • How to keep your closet current (key fashion pieces for the season ahead).

Information and images that make it easy to shop for products, brief your hairdresser and source specialised beauty services.


Information and images that make it easy to shop for products, brief your hairdresser, source specialised beauty services, audit your own wardrobe, and shop for clothes and accessories.

“This new service is designed to arm you with the confidence and tools to make great style and beauty decisions for yourself. ”

— Stacey Beatson