Stacey Beatson is a personal stylist, image consultant, fashion advisor and personal shopper based in Auckland, New Zealand. She is also a personal stylist training specialist and regularly turns her hand to fashion styling for photographic shoots.

Stacey partners with several acclaimed local and global fashion and beauty brands, including L’Oreal, Trelise Cooper and Gregory. Before becoming an image stylist in 2004, she was an influential hair and makeup artist.

The spirit of Stacey’s brand is “she dreamed she could, so she did”. By following her heart and ceaselessly sharpening her skills, Stacey has become the stylist that other stylists most admire.

“I’m not just connected to my clients through dressing them. I’m committed to the relationship and invest my energy, resources and creativity in their transformation. I get as much joy out of dressing people for relaxed entertaining and weekend pursuits as I do setting them up for glamorous international events.”

Constant collaboration with local designers, as well as international fashion and beauty brands, lets Stacey forecast a fashion future for her clients. Her ability to see ahead ensures purchases are made wisely.

Those who discover Stacey seldom let her go. She works with successful individuals and professional clients who understand that first impressions are powerful and hard to erase, so she ensures that every impression they make is outstanding. Stacey also enjoys working with women and men who simply love fashion and see ‘Stacey sessions’ as the ultimate way to maintain their style advantage.