Stacey is a highly-accomplished hair stylist and colourist. For several years she was Technical Manager for L’Oreal and still conducts seminars for them. To identify the optimum hair colour and style for you, Stacey considers your face shape, colouring, figure type and style personality. Her recommendations for your hair will enhance and modernise your entire image - the transformative effect is immense. Your hair is your most important accessory, and with Stacey’s help you can ensure it’s really working for you.


Spend an hour with Stacey in front of the mirror and you’ll unlearn outdated makeup habits and discover a new range of colours and techniques that accentuates your best features and skin tone. When you use the right colours, products and application techniques, the effect can be nothing short of miraculous. Stacey is a professional makeup artist, so she knows every trick in the book. To ensure your makeup keeps evolving, Stacey will suggest seasonal updates during personal shopping sessions.

Stacey can take you personal shopping for your makeup. Having your own dedicated makeup artist and personal stylist, especially one who’s not affiliated to any single brand, ensures you receive top tips, impartial professional advice and learn new techniques, all while you’re having fun.

“I love being able to direct my clients to the star products from the different beauty brands”
— Stacey Beatson