Shopping with Stacey is much more than a supreme retail fix, it’s fun, inspirational and hugely educational. You’ll discover new places to shop, new ways to pull outfits together and new style strategies. As a fashion insider, Stacey knows what’s hot and what’s not. She will take the stress out of shopping for you and pull together amazing looks that reflect your lifestyle, style personality and how you would like to be perceived. This is shopping at its best.


A successful wardrobe is one that moves with the times and the seasons. After your personal shopping episode with Stacey, you can keep your new image up to date with a seasonal edit. This involves reviewing your wardrobe to identify items that can be retired and noting items that can be added for the new season, to ensure your look and style is always evolving.


A wardrobe consultation with Stacey is both refreshing and inspirational. Whether there is a lot in your wardrobe that you are not wearing, or it is just not working well for you, Stacey will assist you in de- cluttering and organising your wardrobe in an effective and fashionable manner. Learning how to pull your outfits together, understanding the colours, styles and layering techniques that best suit you and your lifestyle is a fun and informative process. Many of Stacey’s clients rave about the cathartic effect of having her refresh and reorganise their wardrobes. It can be stressful working out what to keep, what to get rid of and what to purchase, but with Stacey’s expertise and insider knowledge, a wardrobe overhaul becomes an enjoyable experience.


A style consultation with Stacey is tailor-made to give each individual the best and most appropriate information to enhance where they are at the present. Stacey gives guidelines on styles, line and design, makes fashion suggestions and helps you to identify and understand your personal style. She can quickly assess your figure type, however her focus is always to enhance the positives and let the rest take care of itself. She will show you how to look modern and stylish, but in an effortless way. Gone are the days of this figure must wear this and that colouring must wear that. Today’s style is more about looking stylishly pulled together, rather than put together. Stacey is a master at understanding lifestyle dressing and will quickly and effectively give you some life-changing dressing techniques.

If you have looked at the style services on offer but can’t see what you need, Stacey is happy to create a bespoke service to best suit your requirements.

“It is my greatest joy to help clients discover their personal style, and then continually evolve it with them.”
— Stacey Beatson