Virtual Styling - ladies, it is all about YOU!

Are you time-poor? Do you look in your wardrobe and think “I’ve got nothing to wear? Are you tired of buying a black dress or black pants because you don't know what else to buy? Can't put together the look you really want? Don't know what to keep or what to throw out as each season changes? Do you have a big event coming up and nothing to wear or a trip scheduled and don't know how to pack? Is shopping not enjoyable or accessible?

A virtual styling or shopping session will answer all of these questions. It is designed to take the hassle out of shopping and to custom-make your wardrobe entirely for you!

It begins with a one on one consultation with Stacey via email or phone. This process takes approximately 15 minutes and will enable Stacey to thoroughly ascertain all of your personal styling and shopping needs.

Personal Shopping – Shopping with Stacey is just as much fun virtually as it is one on one. This is not only an online retail fix, it’s a fun, inspiring and hugely educational consultation that you can enjoy in the comfort of your home, office – or wherever you are in the world. As you shop with Stacey you will discover new ways to shop, put your outfits together, reinvent pieces from past seasons and create a cohesive wardrobe full of pieces that you love and enjoy wearing. Let Stacey take all of the stress out of shopping for you and pull together amazing looks that reflect your lifestyle, budget and style personality.

Special Occasions/Events – Do you have a special event coming up that you would like an outfit for? Do you have the dress, but not the accessories or vice a versa? Stacey can help you pull together your look in a way that reflects your style, the occasion and utilise the pieces that you already own. This is a thoroughly enjoyable and collaborative process that is also very sustainable getting maximum wear out of the pieces that you love.

Seasonal Edits – A successful wardrobe is one that moves with the times and seasons and reflects your current lifestyle. An online edit will consist of reviewing your wardrobe to identify the pieces that need to be retired, what pieces need to be added to update for the new season and to ensure that your style is always evolving. After the seasonal edit, you will receive an itemised list of recommended pieces that you can purchase online, or alternatively (location dependant) Stacey will bring these pieces to you in the comfort of your home. This consultation is one of Stacey’s most popular and is described as being very enlightening and cathartic.  

Mood Boards – A Mood Board can be very inspirational and can also help keep your look modern and stylish. Stacey can create a moodboard for you on Pinterest  (or it can be emailed to you)  giving you clear direction for the season on how to pull your looks together, style suggestions that work for your colouring and style personality combined with beauty and hair recommendations. This is a highlight for Stacey’s personal shopping clients and can be enjoyed as a virtual consultation. Your mood board can be updated seasonally and can also include recommendations of local brands where you can source these inspirational looks and Stacey will tailor make these recommendations to suit your budget. 

Outfit Co-ordination – You may be an avid shopper with a wardrobe full of great pieces, or you may have had a virtual shopping session with Stacey and now what? We need to pull those looks together! We will do this online and take images of the looks we create to ensure that you have these at your fingertips at all times.  This is a fun process and ensures that you get maximum wear out of the pieces in your wardrobe and that your style is contemporary and modern. A much loved online session.

Session options: 
1/2 Hour - Virtual shopping.
1 Hour - Virtual style consultation, wardrobe edit, shopping.
2 Hour - Virtual style consultation, wardrobe edit, outfit co-ordination, moodboard.


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About Stacey

Stacey Beatson is a personal stylist, image consultant, fashion advisor and personal shopper based in Auckland, New Zealand. She is also a personal stylist training specialist and regularly turns her hand to fashion styling for photographic shoots.

Those who discover Stacey seldom let her go. She works with successful individuals and professional clients who understand that first impressions are powerful and hard to erase, so she ensures that every impression they make is outstanding. Stacey also enjoys working with women and men who simply love fashion and see ‘Stacey sessions’ as the ultimate way to maintain their style advantage.