How to be your own stylist and shop like a pro
Have you ever wondered how some women always manage to look stylish and effortlessly put together? That’s because they know how to shop!

In this four-hour workshop, acclaimed stylist Stacey Beatson will teach you how to assemble a collection of pieces you’ll just love wearing. You’ll discover the fun of getting dressed up and never again feel like you have nothing to wear.

Stacey will help you to identify your style personality, figure type, and the colours and textures that work best for you. During the process, all the secrets of smart shopping are decoded before your eyes, stripping away the mystery of how stylists do it.

Ultimately, you’ll learn how to pull all your new knowledge together to create a capsule of clothes that works for you, your lifestyle and your budget. You’ll be inspired to shop consciously and creatively, choosing quality pieces that support a new level of personal confidence. Stacey’s workshop is relevant and fun for all ages, stages and budgets, and it’s even more enjoyable if you do it with your BFF or a group of friends and family.

Your investment in this workshop will soon be paid back in mistakes not made and a wardrobe of quality clothing and accessory items that will stand the test of time. You’ll also receive a free gift that will be 100% compatible with your new, stylist-designed look.

Cost: $199.00.

Venue: REINZ Building, Level 2, 155 Khyber Pass Road, Newmarket Auckland.

Date & Time: Saturday the 14th of March, 10am – 4.30pm (lunch provided).

Spaces are limited, so get in quick and book your space below.

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About Stacey

Stacey Beatson is a personal stylist, image consultant, fashion advisor and personal shopper based in Auckland, New Zealand. She is also a personal stylist training specialist and regularly turns her hand to fashion styling for photographic shoots.

Those who discover Stacey seldom let her go. She works with successful individuals and professional clients who understand that first impressions are powerful and hard to erase, so she ensures that every impression they make is outstanding. Stacey also enjoys working with women and men who simply love fashion and see ‘Stacey sessions’ as the ultimate way to maintain their style advantage.