Stacey can help you to discover the best version of yourself. In the makeover specialist and personal shopper space, her skills are legendary.

Discovering the best-ever version of yourself is a transformational and empowering experience. It can change who you are on every level, positively affecting relationships, career and achievement of your life goals. In the world of personal makeovers, nobody is more accomplished than image consultant and personal stylist Stacey Beatson. Her knowledge and skills, honed during 25 years in the image business, help you to design and embrace your unique personal identity.

Personal Stylist for Men

“Working with a stylist is an enlightening and empowering experience – it’s all about you – I would have it no other way.”

Personal Stylist for Women

Why Stacey?

From the moment she could walk in heels - around age two - Stacey’s mission has been to make other people look wonderful. She has an inborn ability to imagine the best, and then make it a beautiful (or handsome) reality. Stacey is both a master craftswoman, with makeup and hairdressing skills, and a supremely-experienced appearance expert. She is adept at shaping personal transformation journeys to ensure they are enjoyable celebrations of fashion, individuality, style and life.